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miscalcation. >> crliewe conclude this evening with a look at the results of the venezuelan election with who hey cast need a, greg grandin and nikolas kozloff. >> i think his charisma was off the charts. that's not a bad thing. i think in terms of the 20th century of last inamerican history, the 21st century maybe juan per own maybe a few leaders here and there but i think chavez was real he'll one of a kind. >> charlie: explosions at the boston marathon,n analysis of where we are in north korea and the results of the venezuelan elections when we continue. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: today is the first day of the founder of north korea and the kim dynasty. some had feared that the day would be marked by missile tests although that did not happen, tensions remain high. john kerry's visit to the region on his first foreign trip as secretary of state, the six-leg tour has taken him to israel, the west bank, turkey, south korea, china and japan. the trip co
inconclusive elections, italy remains without a government. hopes that the main parties would form a grand coalition have been dashed by political squabbling. they talk about coalitions, they are finished. the story is finished. another story will start. why do you continue with this talk of coalition? >> attention now has turned to the election for successor george nepal ton know, whose term ends on may 15th. whoever takes over will have the key task of trying again to form a coalition or call fresh elections. so the president is chosen by an electoral college comprised of all national lawmakers and some regional representatives. to win any of the first three rounds, a candidate has to win two-thirds of the potential vote. from the fourth round on, an absolute majority is enough for victory. here are some of the suggested candidates. the five-star movement are backing left wing spishan stephaneo berdosa. many would back romano prodi. but prodi does not win berlusco berlusconi's report. the one candidate who appears to have united both berlusconi and bersani is former senate speaker franco
.s. flag. the funding would be granted to the puerto rico elections commission to conduct objective voter education and a vote on options that would resolve puerto rico's future political status. key congressional leaders in the house and the senate, republican and democrat alike, have already issued statements of support for the president's action, calling it an appropriate response to the local referendum. . my constituents may not have a vote in a government that makes national laws, but they do have a voice and they make that voice heard loud and clear in november. a budget reflects one's priorities and values. i support the president's budget because it shows respect for the democratically express the aspirations of the u.s. citizens that reside in puerto rico and it demonstrates a clear desire to move forward on this complex but critical issue. as the budget request states, the federally sponsored vote is to be one that would result for puerto rico's political status. the only way to resolve the status is through statehood or national sovereignty. puerto rico cannot resolve its stat
members who voted the other way today and perhaps in the next election to challenge them. bring the issue forward to the american people. this is worth the fight. we have got to stand up to bring sensible gun safety to america. god forbid what tomorrow's victims will be, but we know they will be there. we have to do everything we can to spare another family from this agree. thank you. let me salute all of my andeagues, particularly joe the families who have lit a candle. that is a hard, hard thing to do when you go through what they went through. you do not want to get out of bed, let alone come here and argue truth to power, which you have done. it will not be forgotten. it will be helpful. mistruth, brute, political force won out over what is right. america will be a less safe place because of it. i say to the families, i say to the american people, many cannot understand what is happening here in this capital. don't give up faith. things change quickly in washington. they have changed for gay marriage. they are changing for immigration. they will change for gun safety sooner than you t
to form a government rather than calling for a fast election which might have had mr. grillo sweep, and of course, the g-20 communique which was very bland and which we liked and a big rally in the nikkei and the sell-off in the end approaching 100. so for now they're ready. i'm going to hold the judgment, i think, simon for the next three days or so mainly because we did some technical damage last week and we'll see if they can repair it and if they do -- >> didn't we rally up to that support on friday in the s&p? >> so if they punch through that will raise things and the s&p will look at things like 15, 61, 63 with some resistance and then if they can really get the rally moving 1570. >> we are just about six point away from that key point that you just mentioned and last week, 2.1% to the negative, worst week of the year so far, but you noted volume was down sharply because everyone was watching every move if boston. do you think that was an anomaly? >> well, i think, you have to take it with an as terrific, to some degree. everyone was obsessed, rightly so with what was going o
ahead of elections this fall or do you think they'll somehow keep the euro together without having to do that. >> sometimes you have to believe what politicians say. what we're hearing from is the buck stops here. 'l b min somebody has to pay. it's not going to be the germans. it's going to be stake holders, equity holders, bond holders, maybe depositors in peripheral banks. >> that has to chase them out of the european monetary union. >> i question that. it's very hard to see a scenario where anything remotely as grotesque as cyprus happens again. i certainly would be much slower to draw the conclusion that it means the end in the present form. >> paul, thank you very much. turning now to japan with more evidence consumers are buying into economics. we go live to tokyo. >> the consumer confidence index for general households improved for the third straight month in march to 44.8. although a reading below 50 suggests consumer pessimism, this mark is at the highest level in nearly six years. the cabinet office updated the view on the index showing signs of improvement. consumers are antic
once pakistan has a truly democratically elected government. >> rose: and then there is iran. >> yes. >> rose: the united states, as you well know, would like for to you do more with respect to getting iran not to pursue nuclear weaponry. and they believe you don't do enough because you are dependent on buying iranian oil and it's a commercial relationship that restricts you from doing the right thing. >> both are wrong on facts. india has publicly stated that it does not support iran becoming a nuclear power. >> rose: everybody says it that. russia says that. >> we buy-- . >> rose: china says that. >> and it is differently. >> we buy less oil from iran than we did some years ago. >> because you found other ours. >> because we have other sources and we have some sources of our own oil. but please remember iran and india have a relationship goes back many years. they have been contacts between india and iran, over centuries. there is no reason why we should regard iran as our enemy or as a hostile country. there's no reason for us to do so. just because the u.s. regards iran as a host
out just before the elections. i don't know if you remember that one where household numbers took off like wildfire and it really did not give a good indication of what the job figures were like. were you suspicious of that? are you suspicious of numbers in general? >> i wasn't suspicious and i'll tell you why. if you look at the numbers carefully what we know is that there's a tremendous amount of error in any given month in the data, both in the labor numbers and as you mentioned in the gdp numbers that are coming out. so, for example if you look at the labor numbers, the much-touted jobs numbers we get every month, those are off on average, in a typical month by about 70,000 one direction or another. so that means you could have a 150,000 reported. it might really end up being 220. it might really end up being something like 80. there is a big difference between 80 and 220 and that's the typical month. so to see a month that looks really, really high, does not surprise me, you know. i think the guys at bls, i worked with these guys. you know the guys at bureau and labor statistics
with, from nebraska, elected in 1970. was his chief of staff for five years. i was grounded i hope in responsible governance on this side of the house and have always appreciated that experience as a young man. it did shape my view of the world and governance and responsibility. i don't know if that gives me any additional credibility in this body, but nonetheless, i wanted to note that because it has been a big part of my life that i have drawn from for many years, the different things i have done and the opportunities i have had. >> mr. secretary, he was one of my closest friends when we came here together many, many years ago. >> he's doing well and i will give him your regards. mr. chairman, ranking member visclosky and other members of the committee, before i begin my prepared remarks on the budget today, let me say a few words about what happened in boston yesterday. like all americans, our thoughts and prayers of our people at d.o.d. and all of washington are with the people of boston today, especially the families of the victims and those injured by what appears to be a cru
. the people with unspeakable green summoned the courage to petition their elected leaders. not just to honor the memory of their children but to protect the lives of all of our children. >> 90 percent of democrats in the senate voted for that idea. but it is not going to happen. >> congresswoman gabrielle gifford, was severely injured in violent--gun violence also stood by the president cited quotas been furious the measure did not pass and accused the opposing senators of cowardice. the final vote tally was 54 to 46 the proposal was part of a compromise struck by democratic and republican senator. it was a backed by the president, but faced fierce opposition from the national rifle association. a ban on assault weapons also failed along with a bid to block the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. >> 523 that you for waking up with kron 4 morning news we will have more in just a minute. at uatniversveity of phoenx we know the value of your education is where it can take you. [now arriving: city hospital] which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across t
williams was once a high profile lawyer and newly elected justice of the peace. when he was convicted of stealing three computer terminals from a county building. worth less than $1,500. mark hasy and mike mcclelland handled the case. williams claimed they tampered with evidence and after the trial both hasy and mcclelland began carrying a gun. eric williams' lawyer denies that he is involved in any of this. and he has yet to be charged. you mentioned that news conference begins in 30 minutes. we expect charges will be filed at that time. >> megyn: wow. thank you. the chairman of the house homeland security committee telling me a short time ago that he believes homeland security wants to talk to at least two people in connection with this boston bombing. in moments we hope to find out more on the investigation when the attorney general of the united states testifies on capitol hill.ok muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer
election. my second all the system manages a construction company. thedoes not qualify for department of homeland's security initiative for deferred action of childhood arrival because she is over the age of 30. however, the dream act provisions will provide her a permanent path fwa carounger brother has a washing business. last month, at age of 27, he was able to get a driver's license. however, this is not a permanent solution. last, i am the wife of a venezuelan of cuban descent to as lived in the united states for 26 years. miraculously last year,ft 18 years of waiting, he is able to obtain his permanent legal residents. the system shows how is outdated and in desperate need of modernization. my family is not alone. the co-director of get equal asked me to join on a campaign to seek immigration reform. i knew to put an end to the separation of families, heal the hurt and pain in our community, we needed to peacefully demonstrate our lack of immigration status. 2010 i began the trail of dreams, a walk from miami to washington dc. we wanted to show our love for this country, which w
the courage to petition their elected leaders. not just to honor the memory of their children but to protect the lives of all of our children. 90 percent of democrats in the senate voted for the idea. it is not going to happen. >> congresswoman gabrielle gifford was seriously injured by gun violence was by the president cited quotas being. the measure did not pass. she accused the opposing senators of cowardice. the final vote tally 54 to 46. the probe was part of a compromise struck by democratic and republican senator. the filibuster requires 60 votes. the bill backed by president obama called face fierce opposition from the national rifle association. a ban on assault weapons also failed along with a bid to block the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. >> new details on the ricin letter sent to president obama. as an official says the lab tests confirmed the letter's into mississippi senator roger wicker did contain the deadly substance rycin . and that more tests are expected. meantime, an arrest is made in the case. federal agents arrested 45 year-old paul kevin curtis of mississipp
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)